Terms and conditions



The following terms and conditions shall apply to all offers and all agreements entered into between the Customer and LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV.
For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the Customer may be either a company or a private individual.


All prices indicated shall be denominated in euros and shall include VAT at the rate of 21%.
Once the Customer has agreed to the Terms and Conditions and has completed an order, the Customer shall receive confirmation of the order by e-mail within 24 hours.

LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall be entitled to adjust its prices. Any adjustment to prices shall apply with effect from the time they are published on the company’s website and shall not, of course, apply to orders that have already been submitted.


After submitting an order, the Customer will receive immediate confirmation by e-mail. The e-mail will state the total cost of the order (including postage and packing).

Payment may be effected by one of the following methods:
Immediate payment on-line using telebanking (via Ideal), subject to the agreement of the payment intermediary.
Immediate payment on-line using telebanking (via Paypal), subject to the agreement of the payment intermediary.
Credit cards:
Immediate on-line payment using Mastercard or Visa, subject to the agreement of the payment intermediary.

4.Delivery costs

Delivery costs shall be charged as follows:
See shipping coast on the website

5.Special offers

All special offers listed in our webshop shall apply while stock last, but may also be terminated prematurely by LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV.
LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV cannot be held to its offers in the event that the Customer could reasonably have been expected to understand that the offer was clearly a mistake or a typing error.


All items, if not in stock, shall be produced within maximum 14 business days after receipt of payment and then forwarded to the Customer. Items in stock are shipped next business day.
The Customer shall be informed by e-mail in the event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, whatever may be the cause, the delivery time will exceed 14 business days. The maximum delivery time shall be 30 days following receipt of payment. In the event that the delivery time exceeds 30 days, the Customer shall enjoy the right to cancel the order, without stating a reason. No charges shall be payable for cancellation in that instance.

The Customer shall be informed by e-mail in the event that items are unexpectedly unavailable. The Customer shall then be entitled to cancel the order or to order alternative items up to the same order value.


The Customer shall be obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon receipt and to notify any faults immediately in writing.
All items shall be subject to a money-back guarantee in the event that goods are faulty.
Any claims under the money-back guarantee must always be submitted within a reasonable time after discovery of the faults (up to a maximum of 5 working days of receipt of the item), after which period the Customer shall be offered the choice between receiving a replacement item or repayment of the cost of the order.
Any postage costs shall be borne in full by LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV


LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred following delivery, whatever may be the cause of such losses and irrespective of whether the loss or damage is caused to the Customer, the belongings of the Customer, third parties or the belongings of third parties. In particular, LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall never be held liable for loss of or damage to items received, but will pursue reasonable solutions.

Any goods and/or services offered by LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall be displayed and described clearly and faithfully and as completely as can reasonably be required.

9.Privacy and Security

All personal data shall be stored at the premises of LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV and shall solely be used for the purpose of processing the order.
Personal data shall never be made available to third parties, unless necessary for the processing of payment transactions or for the delivery of an order.

SSL technology shall be used for the sending of personal and confidential data from and to our web-server. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is a form of security technology that allows data to be transmitted securely via the internet. The information that is sent by SSL is sent in encrypted form from the client to the web-server, with the result that it is almost impossible for the information to be read by unauthorised persons. When using SSL, you can also be certain that you are in fact communicating with the domain that is stated in the address bar.

LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV makes use of Mollie API as its Payment Service Provider. This is an independent central payment provider that implements all payment transactions.

The only data that LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall make available to the Payment Service Provider shall be those that are absolutely necessary for the payment transaction to be carried out. The address and e-mail data shall only be sent to the Payment Service Provider in case of payments that involve irregularities.


Should you have any complaints, you may contact us via e-mail (for details, see under section 13. Contact).

LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall provide a response to complaints within 5 working days and shall process the complaint within 30 days. The Customer shall be informed in the event that this proves impossible due to unforeseen circumstances.


In the event that the Customer is unexpectedly dissatisfied with a product or service, LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV shall always endeavour to achieve a solution.

In the event that a dispute continues to exist between LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV and the Customer, either of the parties may submit the dispute to the competent court in Rotterdam.
On all deliveries the Dutch right applies.


All rights reserved. The content of our website may not be copied, stored and/or distributed without the written consent of LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV


The registered office of LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV is located at Einsteinweg 7, 3208 KK Spijkenisse, the Netherlands.
LUCILEX MANAGEMENT BV . is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under file number 24178745
VAT registration number: NL0094.70.426.B010
Bank details: RABO Bank
Account number
IBAN number NL32 RABO 0161 3644 11